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"I have had two accountants since starting INK SPOT; one was terrible and the other was fantastic. It was a great day when I found Jane Copeland CPA. She helped me straighten out the mess that the previous accountant had created (which was no small task) and then got me organized and on track so the following year filing taxes wasn't so difficult. She is very thorough, detail-oriented, and stays current with the ever-changing tax laws. Jane Copeland CPA is a small business owners' best asset. After almost 3 years, I can't imagine running my business without her." -Lynn C.

"Jane's firm began working with CTS in June 2010 and has done a terrific job. At various points when CTS has been without a bookkeeper Jane and her staff have handled all aspects of our accounting, including data entry and bank reconciliations. We receive timely monthly financial statements. Jane and her staff support our processing of payroll through QuickBooks Online Payroll and do our federal state tax payroll tax filings. Jane also prepares our year end financial statements and business tax returns.

Jane is extremely professional and very bright. She performs thorough research when questions arise and has always provided me with valued and valuable counsel. Jane currently works with us one day per week, and as you can see from the description of the work she does, there is a lot packed into that day. She is very efficient in performing her duties, so I believe her billable time to be a good value.

I would provide Jane with the highest recommendation. My only hesitation is that the more potential clients who find out about her and her talent, the less likely CTS is to have her all to ourselves…" -Sandy Nix

Jane Copland has helped us through a very difficult tax year, and she did it for a very reasonable fee.

"Jane demonstrated that she is very skilled and knowledgeable about what she does. She is professional and discrete, and yet at the same time she is easy to talk with and made us feel comfortable in our discussions. She took whatever time was needed to understand where we were coming from, and she handled our situation with expertise and care. She answered every question and fully explained where we stood and what we needed to do. She never attempted to bury us in technical terms or legalese. Upon the completion of her efforts, she provided us with complete written and electronic details of her work.

We look forward to continuing to work with Jane in the future, and I highly recommend her services. Jane is indeed, "More Than Just a Bean Counter." -Paul

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