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Why April 15 Has Lost Its Claim as 'Tax Day'

Wed, Aug 15, 2018

Blame the timing of weekends, as well as the relatively new celebration of Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia, for why April 15 is no longer Tax Day in many years....

U.S. Mining Swiss Bank Data to Find Tax Cheats

Wed, Aug 15, 2018

The Justice Department has begun scrutinizing thousands of U.S. taxpayers’ Swiss bank accounts to compare bank information with what the taxpayers have reported to the IRS. ...

U.S. Investors May Owe China

Wed, Aug 15, 2018

As access to mainland-listed ‘A shares’ expands, there are questions about tax on gains from 2009 through last year....

Taxes: How to Reverse a Mistake

Wed, Aug 15, 2018

To fix an error on your tax return, file an amended return on Form 1040X. ...